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Rock RMS Partners With Payment Data Systems to Provide Churches With Better Payment Management

Rock RMS, a payment processing service built specifically for churches and businesses, has reached an agreement with San Antonio based Payment Data Systems.

Payment Data Systems will be the new primary provider of processing services for Rock RMS’s base and church customers.

The open source management system provides tech solutions that power internal ministry sites and user portals, as well as manages ministry data and record keeping. Rock RMS also manages external church websites and user portals.

Louis Hoch, the president and COO of Payment Data Systems said in a news release, “Our new partnership with Rock RMS emphasizes the importance of religious nonprofits to our well-established ACH, credit card, and debit/check card only payment processing platforms.”

Payment Data Systems will be providing services to convert churches from existing church management to Rock RMS.

The technology is available on the web and on other devices, which is important since, globally, the number of smartphone users is increasing by 42% a year.

Many churches rely on outside and member contributions, and in the digital age it is important to have trustworthy partners in technology to support church- and congregation-specific applications.

The Rock RMS module supports giving, tithing, and donations for churches and can help the functionality of churches and their management and distribution of financial resources.

Hoch also said that “Rock RMS is a content management system, relationship management system, and church management system all rolled into one platform. The Rock RMS technology supersedes all other solutions available for giving and tithing management, and we are excited to offer immediate conversion to this world-class secure solution to all of our 500+ church customers.”

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