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Who's Who Behind the Scenes of Christian Women in Media Association


Suellen Roberts is the Founder of Christian Women in Media. A seasoned professional with almost two decades of experience in the field of communications, she has a background as a television producer with three nationally syndicated shows, as a TV station GM, and as Sr. V.P. of a broadcasting corporation. Suellen is known for her national television appearances her relevance as a keynote speaker and educator. In addition she oversees all areas of Christian Women in Media. In addition Roberts is the founder and President Emeritus of Christian Women in Media Association in operation for 20 years. Suellen’s latest media project is Roberts resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband Stan Burke. They have family locally and on the East Coast.


SUE Z MCGRAY is a Christian Author, Speaker, Artist, and Mentor. Sue is honored to serve as President of Christian Women in Media and to continue the legacy that Suellen Roberts began over twenty years ago.

With God’s help Sue grew from a shy, insecure, young woman into highly successful businesswomen. Her primary goal in life has always been to have a positive Christian impact in the lives of others. Sue has spent her life encouraging, coaching, training, and mentoring thousands of women. 

As she shares her struggles and failures, she is always reminded of God’s Grace. Professionally, Sue worked as a National Sales Director with an International Cosmetics Company, but while her product was cosmetics, her mission was mentoring women. 

God has opened doors for Sue to teach women that it’s never too late for hope. Sue is a domestic violence survivor and today serves as a mentor for Morning Star Sanctuary, a Christian safe place for women and children. 

Sue is the author of Life Changing Encounters and Divine Appointments and Becoming Visible-Letting Go of the Things That Hide Your True Beauty. She speaks at Christian Women’s Retreats, Conferences and for large and small women’s groups across the country.

Sue’s greatest joy is her family. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Duane. They enjoy spending time with their three adult children and five beautiful granddaughters. 

President Emeritus

Sharon Hill is Founder of OnCall Prayer, Inc. and Past President of Christian Women in Media.  Sharon has spent more than 40 years training, mentoring, and ministering to venues of all sizes. Because of her belief in the power of intentional prayer, along with discovering victory through real life experiences, she empowers others how to discover inner strength and develop an effective prayer life. Sharon has a gift of administration and organization. With a background as a corporate executive to include president of an international marketing company and sales and management for a Fortune 500 company, Sharon has trained thousands of men and women nationally. Sharon now uses her expertise in full time ministry. In this unprecedented time of uncertainly, Sharon’s passion is leading Women’s Prayer Retreats called “Becoming Women of Intentional Prayer.” Sharon, often referred to as “The Prayer Coach,” has a strong belief that every leader needs the prayer covering of a designated Prayer Shield, as portrayed in Ecclesiastes 4:12  …. “a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Sharon and husband, Ronnie, live a blessed life in Texas and have four grown children and several grandchildren. She is the author of the OnCall Prayer Journal, CWIMA Prayer Journal, The Power of Three-How a Protective Shield of Intentional Prayer Can Transform Your Life, and co-author of a children’s book The Most Powerful P Activity Book and Prayer Journal. In 2013 Sharon received the Exceptional Service Award for Christian Women in Media Association.

Senior Vice President of National Connections

As one of the nation’s leading Bible teacher and conference speaker, Tracey Mitchell travels throughout America and internationally 40 plus weeks a year speaking to diverse and cross-cultural groups and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. Whether speaking to men, women corporate CEO’s or the homeless, Tracey’s love and passion for re-writing the lives of the brokenhearted make her messages relevant and empowering. She is a published author of Downside UpBecoming Brave and The Invitation. She is Vice President of Christian Women in Media and CEO of The Winning Woman, a ministry-based consulting firm. Executive Producers and Co Host of Life from DFW, Tracey and husband Robby, reach millions via satellite, cable television and internet. A veteran in the television industry, Tracey has compiled over 20+ years of on-air work. Programmer and guest appearances include: TBN, Daystar, Lesea Broadcasting, TCT Television, VTN Network, CTN Network, Cornerstone Television, Lamb Broadcasting, Channel 57 Atlanta, WACT TV. As Founder and CEO of THRIVE Conferences – Tracey’s Bi-Annual Conferences train and equip leaders and entrepreneurs. In 2016, Tracey was nominated for Texas Woman of Excellence. In 2015 she was the presented the “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur” Award bestowed by the GSWB Chamber of Commerce. In  2008 she was awarded “The Excellence in Communications” Award given by Christian Women in Media.

Vice President of Communications

Annette Trucke lives in Eugene, Oregon in the midst of the lavish beauty of the Pacific Northwest. A writer, speaker, and social media presence, she shares hope as a precious currency, her life messages are solidifying.
Aside from working with clients her time involves the outdoors, both hiking mountains and Butter, and walking riverside trails, Annette looks for beauty and finds it, capturing it in photos. She ponders life and faith, writes, and dreams big dreams for the sheer pleasure and possibilities they behold, as well as lends encouragement wherever she can!
She is has been an earnest follower of Jesus and of the Christian faith for her adult life. Her joy has always been found in people–most especially her family, precious friends, and new faces God brings her way.
Annette has been a host on radio, podcast, and interviewed for publications. She has the online magazine called, Ubiquitous Magazine. And her latest adventure is called, Trailhead Coaching.
Annette holds a MA in Human Services: Executive Leadership from Liberty University and a BA in Christian Ministry from New Hope Christian College. She has a vast and varied business and non profit background and has been honored with several awards for her service. Her book, Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching manual can be found on or via her website,

Vice President of Operations

Marina McLean is a keynote speaker, recording artist, songwriter and award-winning author. She has spoken in twenty-five countries. As a keynote speaker, Marina loves challenging individuals to court the presence of the Lord by using their voiceprints and unique expression of worship. She has been involved in teaching worship leaders and audiences in workshops that have brought people into an awareness of a deeper worship experience. London born, of Jamaican decent, her angelic voice captivates crowds and ushers in the true presence of God. Marina was called to ministry as a young child and her voice was the entrance. She knew growing up she would travel the world and preach the gospel. Her late parents Charles and Clarice Headlam provided the spiritual foundation of the word and hymns that make her the woman she is today. Marina has released three worship albums: In the Glory, Synchronized and Encounter with Worship. To her credit, she has three books: Appetite for Worship, which received the Christian Literary award in the Inspiration category, and her new devotional, The Invitation. She’s married to Dr. Renny McLean for thirty-four years and they have three adult children. In 2018, Marina was awarded the 2018 Global Media Summit Lifetime Achievement Award.

Vice President of Memberships

Sandra Pate is known as an intercessor and prays daily with people from all walks of life. She is also the CWIMA Prayer Director of the weekly membership prayer call. In full-time ministry for over two decades, she is married to Bishop Dwight Pate, the Founder and Senior Pastor of Church Point Ministries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Together they work to bring revival to inner city America and have impacted many others around the world who have either seen them on Christian television or heard them on radio. Her passion is mentoring young people and teaching them to pray. Born in Detroit, Sandra has been blessed with an extensive academic background and a remarkably diverse career path that includes work in photography, fashion, television, and radio alongside of exceptionally creative people. She is a contributing author to “The Invitation to Intimacy with God” (Thomas Nelson) and is featured in “Skin Deep: Inside the World of Black Fashion Models” (Amistad Press) and “Doing It for Ourselves: Success Stories of African-American Women in Business” (Berkeley Books).


Paula Wallace is best known for being the Founder of Bloom In The Dark, Inc. (501c3), Paula is a Media Executive with credentials as a Producer, Director, Writer, and Cohost of 2 international television shows. “Bloom Today” and “Recovery Strategies 4 Life” (RS4L) have been licensed with 43+ television broadcast networks and platforms, broadcast in over 200 countries, and translated into 3 languages.

Paula has been a host on 127 TV episodes, has produced 152 TV episodes, numerous TV commercials and PSA’s, directed 25 TV episodes, and created many visual media educational projects. Paula helped create and launch Bloom Channel, which hosts a variety of TV series curated for an audience of hurting and recovering people (on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Google Play). In 2021, Paula created Bloom Studios with a 5 camera, custom, flexible design which includes the new kitchen set for “Bloom Today.”

Paula is also a Director on the Board of Women in Film and Television Nashville, overseeing Faith and Film. With a podcast, 6 published books, online courses, and a feature film script to her credit, Paula most enjoys spending time outdoors with her three sons.

Executive Director of Heart of Mercy Mission

Listening to Katherine Legg speak, pray and play her flute is a reminder of the kind of love, peace, joy and hope that Jesus intended in John 14:27. Her passion is to share the love and hope she’s learned through life experiences of God’s ability to redeem and restore us to His intended purposes and identity He created us to be.

Her love of people and her ability to communicate with wisdom and understanding contributed to her professional success for 21 years as a Speech Pathologist and qualifies her to share God’s Word with others. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ohio State University and a Master’s Degree in Communication, Speech and Hearing Science from the University of North Texas.

As a minister she’s had the opportunity to share Jesus and her faith across denominations, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, young and old, in juvenile detention centers, here in the U.S. and abroad.

Katherine is dedicated to the women and media mandate of CWIMA. She traveled to Europe in 2016 to help establish Christian Women in Media Association groups in Amsterdam and Albania. She lends her talents as a flautist, intercessor, worship leader and speaker for conferences, TV, radio and podcast interviews. For 4 years she has been the Mainstage Production Manager for Global Media Summit and for CWIMA’s International Conference. She has been on the CWIMA National Advisory Board from 2018-2023, becoming an Executive Board member in 2023. Her extraordinary time as Executive Assistant to previous CWIMA President, Suellen Roberts from 2019-2021, has led to her current position helping to develop and implement the charitable division of CWIMA as the Executive Director of Heart of Mercy Mission.

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