Heart of Mercy Mission

Dear Concerned Friends,

Afghanistan is in a state of emergency and we need to help the women and children refugees. Many have been separated from their families after leaving their country. They have escaped with just the clothes on their back and one bag. Can you imagine the horror they have experienced by fleeing Afghanistan under the tyranny of the Taliban? Our heart breaks for these people. God has opened the door for us with a direct channel to get them help with essentials and to distribute the gospel to them in print, but time is short.

“ The world is watching,” the Secretary General went on to say Monday
“We cannot and must not abandon the people of Afghanistan.”


Help Those in Need Now

First, we are asking you to pray.
Please join us in praying for the Christians who are left behind who will be persecuted—for the women who will try to stand up to the Taliban and be maimed according to Shira Law. Pray for the Americans left behind and for the planes to be released that continue to be detained on the runway.

Second, please consider giving today to help with these needs:

• Hygiene packages
• Clothes to be purchased for the women and children.
• Medical supplies for those with chronic illnesses.
• Security Costs
• Printing & translations Costs for gospel printed materials
• For counselors to provide post-traumatic counseling

“Christian Women in Media Association is an organization all about women helping women,” said Suellen Roberts, Founder and President of Christian Women in Media Association. “I don’t believe we can stand by and not assist women and children in their time of need. I hope you will consider donating to our charity Heart of Mercy Mission today. The proceeds will be utilized for the efforts already underway to help these refugees.”

Thank you for helping the Afghan women and children who are in need.




Founder & President

The Heart of Mercy Mission (HMM) since 2019, is an outreach of Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA). The mission of the Heart of Mercy Mission is to rescue, redeem and restore women through the power of Christ and a tangible humanitarian effort. God’s heart is for the those who are oppressed, disadvantaged, and abused. May we reflect God’s heart by showing love and mercy the abused women globally.

Send Help for Afghanistan Women Now!