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Why We Need More Christian Women in Medicine

There are certain industries that tend to be male-dominated fields. The medical industry is a great example of one of those. It is, for women, difficult to work and find jobs in medicine, particularly as doctors. However, women, especially us Christian women, are incredibly important to the field of medicine. There are certainly many women who volunteer their time and efforts, but finding Christian women who are paid by this industry is much more difficult to find.

The Current Medical Industry Has Many Issues

Under the current format, the medical industry is extremely expensive and is often ineffective. In one year, on average, there are about 20,000 medical malpractice claims that get filed. This is incredibly difficult for those who need medical care, as they often are going to be put into extensive debt for their health, and in many cases, their health is not secured. This is under the current format of medical care, which tends to keep women from working within the field as extensively as they should. Clearly, there needs to be a change to this system.

Workplaces are Full of Discrimination

The unfortunate reality is that there is discrimination found in nearly half of all American workplaces. In fact, as many as 45% of Americans have experienced some kind of discrimination or harassment in the last year alone. This means that in workplaces and daily life at large there need to be adjustments made so that every environment is capable of providing room for growth for everyone involved. So, by making sure that there are more Christian women involved in a medical office, you will be promoting a more diverse workplace.

Expectations for Women are Different

Most patients, as many as 75% who attend urgent care in 2016, find that the treatment they receive is either good or excellent. That’s regardless of the gender of those medical professionals who are giving them treatment. So, why is it that there are a different set of expectations for women than men in this work environment? Think about how a patient interacts with a man or a woman. They will expect a more motherly approach from a female physician, rather than a male one. This sets an unfair standard of expectations on women doctors that can only be overcome by injecting more women into this role, so they are seen as individuals who offer different types of care based on who they are and not the stereotype of their gender says they are.

Christian Women Can Use Their Beliefs as a Benefit

For many people, prayer is a thing they do that comforts them. For others, there is sanctity in the knowledge that there is a higher power that cares about them and can impact their life. By providing patients who this is important with a doctor who understands why their faith matters to them, then healthcare quickly becomes better for both parties involved. A Christian physician can provide care to patients while maintaining the Word of God in everything that they do for said patient. This includes being compassionate, competent, and following the Scripture. It also means that they are going to be able to show the same courageousness towards patients that are seen throughout The Bible.

There are certain industries that have set requirements to be a part of, and that includes the medical profession where there are minimum standards. However, different aspects of a person add to their ability to do the job well, not just their degrees or certifications. This can include their background in the world and what they understand about it. A Christian woman certainly has that unique perspective for the medical field to be improved by.

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