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How the Christian Legal Society is Helping the Vulnerable

The Christian Legal Society is dedicated to defending religious rights and freedoms and provides volunteer legal aid services to the vulnerable. The Christian Legal Society looks at law as a ministry to guide and help people and uses biblical teachings to apply the law. This volunteer organization has had a great impact.

This society of faith-based lawyers and legal professionals strives to help vulnerable populations to protect their rights and freedoms.

The Need

Millions of people in the US struggle with legal issues that affect religious freedoms, financial matters, and other issues that do not have access to the legal advice they need to make informed decisions.

There is a huge gap in meeting the legal needs of people living in poverty, and unfortunately, they are most likely to need the help of a legal professional. In cases like a personal injury case, where only about 5% ever make it to court, and about 95% of claims are settled outside the courtroom, it is easy to find help.

However, in more complex cases, which are more of a threat to an individual’s freedom in the US, if you do not have money, it can be nearly impossible to find help. Luckily, the CLS is filling in the gaps, so fewer people fall through the cracks.

These clinics, through volunteer services, help people to avoid eviction, negotiate in predatory lending situations, and more. These faith-based Christian legal services are making a tremendous difference in people’s lives.

How It Works

The Christian Legal Society supports a nationwide network of Christian legal aid societies that provide pro-bono services to low-income individuals and families. About 8,000 people are served every year through the CLS network of clinics.

In addition to legal aid services, the network of legal aid clinics under the banner of CLS holds legal rights seminars to educate low-income and marginalized populations about their legal rights. The seminars address various topics to help prevent people from winding up in the legal system because they do not know their rights.

For example, seminars can focus on estate planning and helping people create wills. About 71% of Americans do not have a will. Even people without resources need to have a plan in case something happens to protect their children and their small assets.

Between the education and pro bono services, CLS clinics greatly affect people’s lives. CLS legal aid societies are helping people with everyday legal problems and helping people with life-changing programs.

Helping Immigrants

Sadly, TRAC immigration has reported that only about 1.5% of cases involving women and children that are facing deportation back to countries where there is a credible fear of punishment or harm are successful. CLS attorneys are helping to protect these vulnerable women and children with volunteer legal services.

Language barriers are a tremendous problem in the legal system for immigrants. Many CLS clinics focus on providing volunteer services to help immigrants navigate the legal system in their language to make informed decisions.

There is One In Just About Every State

The CLS network is widespread. There is a clinic in just about every state. Your local law clinic may have a different name but can be located through the CLS website. If you require help, contact the CLS to find your local volunteer legal services clinic.

Other Ways CLS Is Making a Difference

While CLS’s primary mission is to serve the underserved population in the US, they also have a lawyer training program as well. This group’s outreach ministry addresses every area of the legal system from a Christian perspective. Learn how you can volunteer at CLS, donate, or find the services you need today by visiting the CLS website.

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