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Braces Health Benefits

The Non-Cosmetic Benefits of Braces for Women

While many people think about the cosmetic changes associated with orthodontic treatments, these are far from the only reasons to get braces. In fact, braces are often used to improve a person’s quality of life. Braces are necessary to help people improve their teeth but are often scoffed at because they don’t look attractive in the moment. Young girls may be particularly against the idea of getting braces, but they account for 70% of braces wearers in the US.

Braces can be very beneficial to a person’s overall health, and between 50% and 75% of people could see positive results from orthodontic treatments. If you need a few reasons to persuade someone or want to know the other benefits of braces for women, we’ve got you covered. Just keep reading!

Can Make You Healthier

Having braces makes people more aware of chewing, which is important for digesting food properly. When you chew your food well, your body can digest it easier, and your intestines can absorb nutrients more efficiently. Additionally, they shift the teeth to correct bite alignment problems. This can lead to improved health in the long run. Braces really are great for you in so many ways!

May Improve Speech

Your speech is affected by the way your tongue moves against your teeth. The movement changes how you pronounce some words. If you’ve got teeth that aren’t aligned properly, the way you speak can be affected.

Wearing braces will help straighten your teeth and change how your teeth, tongue, and lips interact with each other, which can improve your speech. Even lisps may be gone after wearing braces.

Can Prevent Tooth Decay

It is quite difficult to clean overcrowded teeth because your toothbrush can’t reach every part of the teeth. Plaque can also accumulate when food gets trapped between the irregularly formed teeth, causing cavities.

Those cavities can lead to tooth decay, which can spread to other teeth. After your teeth are straightened with braces, you’ll be able to clean your teeth better and prevent early tooth decay.

Improves Brushing Habits

Teeth that aren’t straight and in a neat row are not easy to floss, just like it’s difficult to brush them properly. When you wear braces to improve crooked or overlapping teeth, you’ll find that it’s much easier to floss and clean your teeth properly. This translates to better oral care habits!

Can Improve Digestion

Wearing braces can result in smaller spaces between the teeth as well as fewer gaps. As a result, food is chewed easier and the digestion process is improved. You may experience less bloating, gas, and other stomach issues.

If that doesn’t make you want to volunteer for braces, what will?

Lowers Tooth Injury Risks

Braces do more than pull your teeth into the correct position — they can also protect your teeth against injuries. Accidents can happen to anyone and chipped or cracked teeth can be quite unsightly — even more so than braces.

Also, if your teeth are better aligned, they won’t stick out as much and the chances of damaging one of them will be lower.

Improves Breath

We all know what causes unpleasant breath — not being able to clean our teeth and mouth properly, which results in bacteria build-up. And overcrowded or crooked teeth are difficult to clean, so you’ll struggle less with bad breath if you align your teeth with braces.

Makes Jaw Bones Stronger

It is natural for you to lose bone density as you grow older. This can result in the teeth shifting, and the placement of your teeth directly impacts your jaw bone. Misaligned teeth put extra pressure on your jaw bone when you bite and chew, which can lead to bone erosion as you age.

However, if you wear braces, this issue can be sorted out and you won’t even have to do anything yourself!

There are so many non-cosmetic reasons to appreciate braces and get them as soon as possible. Having braces may make you feel a bit more self-conscious, but you won’t stand out that much. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, about 40% of Americans have braces right now!

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