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The 4 Best Parts of a Christian Wedding

A Christian wedding reveals the values of the Bible. The teachings of Jesus Christ and the Word of God come to life. Spouses wed and prepare to spend their lives together. Through compassion and sincerity, empathy and affection, Christian couples will begin maintaining a healthy marriage. Often, the moment vows are exchanged. The best parts of a Christian wedding will encourage faithful Christians to marry happily. Here are four things you can expect, whether you volunteer, attend, or plan a Christian wedding.

1. The Beginning of a Compassionate Marriage

Throughout the New Testament, the miracles Jesus Christ brought to the world are available for all readers to see. While spending time with the Lord, readers learn Jesus acted compassionately and selflessly, placing greater priority on saving others than preserving his life. This, Christians know from the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made, giving his life to save everyone else from their sins. Through this gesture, Christians can wed knowing that showing love for their partners during times of suffering is essential to maintaining a healthy marriage. Often, couples will express this compassion, usually through discussion leading up to marriage. Ultimately, the beginning of a compassionate relationship signifies many years of love to come.

2. A Sincere Commitment to Everlasting Love

In the Bible, wedding vows are taken seriously. So seriously, the Christian wedding itself presents an opportunity for couples to grow closer, beginning by expressing their commitment to everlasting love. Unlike less strong marriages, Christian marriages built on the foundation of love will thrive. And for more years than those built on uncertain feelings. Men typically get married around the age of 30, while women tend to marry by 28, and older ages might allow for more time to come together. Both couples know before marriage that the presence of loving thoughts, feelings, and gestures isn’t without their benefits. Marriage allows the traditional husband and wife to agree to invest their hearts into an emotional bond. A loving bond that’s filled with honesty and trust will surely allow a Christian couple to carry on a happy marriage.

3. A Relationship that Values Selflessness

In the Bible, God tells us that it’s important to love your neighbor like yourself. There are times when it is more important to focus on someone else’s needs than your own. Such is the case with a serious medical emergency, mental health crisis, or unfortunate loss, like being fired from work or losing a valuable item. Fortunately, Christian marriages invite married couples on a journey of selflessness. Even in the U.S. catering industry, which employs 261,189 people, someone else’s needs can matter as much or more than their own. Therefore, husbands and wives accept a vulnerability, one that leaves them feeling more love and appreciation as the relationship continues. Whether the marriage has just begun or existed for years. Spouses should know when to put their partner’s needs first.

4. A Marriage that’s Meant to Be

Throughout life, there is a path that people have to follow to meet the person they are meant to be with. And these weddings might serve red wine to symbolize the blood of God, even though it is one of the top drinks associated with tooth stains along with tea and soda. Fortunately, Christian marriages and weddings provide more fulfillment than other types of marriage. For one, Christian values emphasize honesty and faith, and good deeds in the eyes of the Lord. So, if couples like to volunteer, help out in the community, or give back to charities, the relationship is stronger as there will be a consistent desire, commitment, and strategy for sharing affectionate moments. And all while doing good work. Values like honesty and faith mean couples will prioritize their faith in Jesus Christ. Ideally, husbands and wives embark on this endeavor together.

The best parts of a Christian wedding show that the relationship will be built on compassion and honesty. In Christian relationships, couples know there will be times when they must value selflessness. All while enjoying a healthy marriage that should last. For those looking for lasting love, a Christian wedding is a choice worth considering.

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