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Renowned Designer Debuts New Modular Furniture System for Upcoming Showcase

Considering how much the world has changed in the past several decades, furniture design has remained fairly stagnant. Now, a world-renowned designer is looking to flip the furniture industry upside-down with some unique ideas.

According to Design and Trend, French designer Gilles Belley recently unveiled his newest creation, “Rooms,” which he posted on his website. The showcase is comprised of three types of modular furniture systems that completely redefine what furniture is supposed to be.

The collection is made up of three furniture systems called “Area,” “Block,” and “Wall.” Each system is a reinvention of traditional furniture, encompassing the functionality of an entire room in just one piece of furniture.

“The idea is to condense the scale of the furnishings to incorporate modes of functioning that overlap from one room to several rooms: putting the living space into the furniture,” Belley explained on his website.

“Area” is essentially a “room within a room,” resembling a semi-enclosed space. “Wall” is a two-sided module that can divide a room in half, and “Block” can only be accessed from one side, providing maximum privacy.

In a recent survey of over 2,000 consumers, 72.7% of respondents agreed that “the design of my furniture reflects my personality.” Another 67% of respondents agreed with the statement, “a lot can be said about a person from the furniture s/he owns.”

For those who wish to convey their personality through furniture, Belley’s designs are ideal. Unique furniture has been extremely popular in the past several years, and FastCo Design recently reported on another interesting showcase similar to Belley’s.

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm’s latest showcase, “Lost,” features a wide array of dysmorphic furniture. The designs, which typically involve a piece of furniture that looks as if it is melting, were met with positive reviews while on display at the Galerie Thassaeus Ropac in Paris, France.

As for Belley’s “Rooms,” it is expected to be a highlight of VIADESIGN 2016, an annual event showcasing innovative furniture designs. Belley was recently awarded with the Carte Blanche Grant, which will allow him to conduct further research into merging traditional furniture with the future.

The VIADESIGN 2016 exhibit opened on Jan. 15, though “Rooms” is not yet on display. The event will run until March 4 at Galerie VIA in Paris.

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