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Charitable Home Repairs Span the Country and All Ages

For nearly two-thirds (65%) of home homeowners, the main motivation to get roof repairs follows serious weather damages. Yet for single moms like Sarah Scarrow in Langley, British Columbia, she can’t even afford to consider it.

Scarrow and her three adopted children live in a 40-year-old home that is quite literally falling apart at the seams. There is no ceiling downstairs, windows are unsealed, the kitchen cupboards are a mess and many areas of drywall need replacing.

However, the Scarrow family is in luck because they were selected as the recipients of the Aldergrove Adventist Church’s Extreme Home Repair program, a project that will set up shop at the Scarrow home and provide much needed home repair.

The repairs, which are a part of the church’s Acts of Kindness program, will enlist the help of about 200 volunteers, including tradespeople, to help with renovations.

Pastor Mike Dauncey spoke to Langley Advance, commenting, “What really turned our hearts toward Sarah was the fact that she adopted three children and has really given herself to raise these children who needed a home.”

Across North America, programs like EHR are not terribly uncommon. In Virginia Beach, the Group Workcamps Foundation, hosted by Providence Presbyterian, are actively seeking out people who need home repairs.

The Group Workcamps Foundation is a work camp dedicated to helping people with homes in need and changing the hearts of young people, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

Youths and their chaperones will make hands-on repairs to homes of people who are elderly, low-income, or disabled from June 26 to July 2. The program will help them gain important experience, people skills, and exposure to different ways of life.

The camp is currently searching for homes to repair. They need a total of eight to accommodate for a group of 500 volunteers so far amassed and ready to do good deeds.

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