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Carpenters for Christ Aid in South Carolina Church Restoration

For many years, they didn’t even have running water. But now, thanks to the Carpenters for Christ, Hebron United Methodist Church has a full fellowship hall with restroom facilities.

Earlier this spring, carpenters from across the country descended upon the church, located off North Highway 411, and completed the building in just two days.

Reports from the site indicated there were carpenters from Cherokee County and other parts of Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Ohio, and other areas as well.

The construction began on Thursday, April 7, on Hebron, which is located eight miles east of Centre, on U.S. Highway 411. Work continued Friday, April 8, and the mission was completed by noon Saturday, April 9. The Carpenters for Christ mission was to “dry in the building” and have it ready for finish work by volunteers from the church.

Normally, working with heavy machinery under such short time limits would present a variety of hazards. In fact, approximately 35% of on-site injuries and 14% of on-site deaths are caused by heavy machinery accidents each year.

Luckily, institutions across the country are taking steps to avoid the needless injuries on construction sites.

Over 60 safety professionals interested in updating their knowledge of critical OSHA regulations, as well as 20 college students majoring in safety and occupational health applied sciences, recently attended seven consecutive, all day construction safety programs at Keene State.

The month-long program was offered in coordination with Keene State’s Region 1 OSHA Training Institute Education Center and drew in professionals from all over New England.

Program attendees learned how to interpret and apply OSHA regulations to ensure safe operations of cranes, scaffolds, confined spaces, excavation, electrical work, and fall protection.

Instructors used Keene State’s Technology, Design, and Safety Center’s “Safety Tower” to provide participants with hands-on fall protection.

In any construction site, the more knowledgeable people on the job, the better. The people who worked with Carpenters for Christ on the South Carolina church certainly know it.

“When you have 40 people working, it is just amazing what they can do,” Terry Hawkins, long time member of Hebron United Methodist Church. “Controlled chaos, is what it reminds me of because everybody is doing their own thing, they don’t get in each other’s way, and they just do it and it just goes up.”

Hawkins said they will enjoy their new building, But equally as gratifying is watching Carpenters for Christ projects, like this latest one, come together.

“It is quite amazing how they work together,” said Hawkins. “It is just beyond words and we are just so appreciative they have come and done this for us.”

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