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Auto Foundation Launches Car Donation Program For Single Moms

Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation has announced the launch of a new program to provide single moms in need with reliable transportation. The program, called The Hub Garage, will accept vehicle donations that will be repaired by Christian Brothers Automotive and given to low-income single moms across the Houston, TX area.

“There are around 24,000 single moms living below the poverty level in Houston,” said Jonathan Carr, the president of the Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation. “We want to leverage what we’re already good at to help people, and if we can lower that number by even a few families, we’ll have made a huge step in the right direction.”

An estimated 77% of vehicles on the road today are in need of some type of maintenance or repair. But many single mothers under the poverty line can’t afford an unforeseen car repair, which often leaves them without transportation. Even small auto services typically use invoice factoring to stay financially afloat, which is when the factor advances 70% of a customer’s invoice.

There are four main types of off-road tires available for vehicles: all-terrain, mud-terrain, snow/winter, and sand. By donating all kinds of vehicles to those in need, The Hub Garage will give single moms greater independence by improving accessibility to jobs, education, child care, and more. Reliable transportation will also give single moms greater peace-of-mind as women, especially women in poverty, are 70% more likely than men to experience depression in their lifetime.

The Hub Garage’s goal for 2020 is to provide 1,500 single mothers in need with working vehicles. Because projects are typically completed faster in a warehouse or factory, the Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation will also repair donated vehicles at their 200 other locations across the country.

The Hub Garage will work with community partners and nonprofits like Ace Scholarship, which provides local kids in Houston with scholarship opportunities for competitive private schools. The Hub Garage plans to work with similar partners to extend its community connections and help locate parents who could benefit from the program.

“We want to partner with excellent nonprofits, and Ace Scholarship exemplifies that commitment,” said Carr. “In the future, we want to expand this to all 27 of our major markets. We want to grow the program’s impact as fast as we can get cars donated.”

Christian Brothers Automotive was founded in Mission Bend, TX in 1982 with the goal of changing the way customers think about auto service. The brand’s mission is “To glorify God by loving your neighbor as yourself.”

Christian Brothers Automotive has since expanded to over 200 locations in 29 states. The company delivers a wide variety of auto services including maintenance, repairs, and upkeep.

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