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Armour of God Launches Online Christian Bookstore

Christian organization Armour of God launched its new online Christian bookstore this month, offering top-rated Christian products at affordable prices.

The Armour of God website is simple to use and is packed with a variety of books for churches, families, Christian organizations, and individuals.

“We always have the largest selection of material on all the topics of the Christian religion from the Bible to how to become a preacher,” bookstore owner Kimley Armour said. “In this huge pile of knowledge, you are bound to find a great book that can assist you in finding a greater connection with the Bible and your God.”

The online bookstore certainly does provide variety, boasting numerous categories of Bibles, including, Children, Brides, Men, Women, Ministry Leaders, Church Pastors, Bible Scholars, Bible Students, and Spanish Language. One can also find audio Bibles, DVD Bibles, large print Bibles, and 26 different English translations of the Bible. Fiction, Biography, Romance, Cooking, and numerous other genres are available in addition to the many Bibles.

The Armour of God online store is not limited to reading material, either. The shop sells music, movies, games, jewelry, apparel, greeting cards, home decor, church supplies, and much more, all with an underlying sense of promoting Christian values.

The new online bookstore is projected to do well, as online sales continue to grow in nearly every industry. Global e-commerce sales generate an estimated $931,490 every 30 seconds through computer sales and $269,683 through mobile devices. The store’s mission is to spread the gospel of Christ worldwide via the internet.

“God has given us a passion to take the gospel to the world,” explained Armour. “Armour of God is designed to take customers to their desired product category in one or two clicks.”

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