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Christian Women Will Make Their Voices Heard at Global Media Summit

Women, generally, have shown to be more religious than men. A recent Pew Research Center study discovered this religious gender gap. Women are now more likely than men to affiliate themselves with a religious organization.

All over the world, aside from a few countries, women are praying more than men, are talking about faith more than men, and are more inclined to consider religion as a “very important” aspect of their lives.

The Global Media Summit 2016 is a perfect example of this. Christian women have organized, planned, and will operate the entire seminar in the name of their religion to better teach and empower other women that are working in the media field that are empowered by God.

According to Virtual-Strategy Magazine, the summit will take place in Dallas, TX, in late April.

“The Global Media Summit 2016 will present an international program that will garner talent from around the world and present to the attendees a vision of what God is doing globally,” Tim Shields, Co-Director of Christian Media Association, commented in the press release for the event.

Women like singers Diane Ofori and Erica Lane and GOD TV presenter Wendy Alec will be in attendance at the event.

These women are accepting faith into their lives more and more and are doing so around the world. Sure, one in 10 adults admit that they forget to brush their teeth daily, but forgetting to pray for religious women is not as common. About 64% of women pray at least once every day, while only 46% of men experience daily prayer.

The frequency of women reading religious text may have something to do with the increase in religious women. Compared to men at only 30%, about 40% of women read religious scripture at least once a week. Half of men never read any religious text while the number of women who never read religious text is beginning to drop.

These changes in the gender and religious communities are very exciting in the world. The religious voice of women is being heard more now than ever before and we could see great changes in the world because of it.

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