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Women are Shattering Glass Ceilings by Breaking Into the Construction Industry

Creating a positive environment for women across various fields of industry is important. Some sectors haven’t been as forward-thinking as others when it comes to women being provided the same opportunities as their male counterparts, but thanks for inspirational women and helpful organizations across the globe, more and more positive changes are happening each day.

The construction industry, for example, has yet to fully embrace the skills that women can bring to the table both literally and in leadership roles, but more groups of women are starting, finishing, and succeeding in construction projects all over. There are roughly 7.8 million production workers in the U.S. construction industry, the overwhelming majority of which are men, but that’s starting to change.

Coming up this May, the 25th anniversary of the Women in Trades Career Fair will focus on both young girls beginning to think about their futures and all the career opportunities that await them and how women are breaking ground in more industries every day, including the construction market.

According to the Daily Observer, a group of Christian women under the name Fundamental Baptist Women Fellowship has broken ground in the construction industry in West Africa.

The group will construct a modern conference center that will contain large conference room, offices, lodging rooms, and other essential facilities. The costs for the groundbreaking project, designed and completely by the women’s leadership, are expected to tally over $68,000.

“When we established this women’s group through the instrumentality of Rev. and Mrs. Esther Gbor, we first decided to purchase a vehicle to be transporting us for conferences, but we received advice that it will not be a durable property,” said Mother Rebecca Nyanquoi, president of the Women Fellowship. “Since we established the conference and hundreds of women you’re seeing here started attending, we have gotten positive reports that great changes have taken place in many homes, and those single women devoted to Christianity are upholding their values and respect.”

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