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A Woman is Lending Aid and Spreading Awareness on Sensitive Women’s Issues

Kerry Boysen, MPT, recently opened up Restore Physical Therapy in Corvallis, OR, specializing in giving aid and assistance to women who are suffering from pre- and post-pregnancy issues and pelvic conditions. Some of these are sensitive, yet common problems. Boysen hopes to help women feel more comfortable dealing with, and talking about, pelvic conditions leading to back pain, bladder difficulties, and persistent discomfort.

The Gazette-Times reported that many of these issues are difficult even for wives to discuss with their husbands. “There’s not a lot of people who do what I do and there’s a huge need,” Boysen said.

“Women will come in who have dealt with pain for years,” Boysen stated. She emphasized the importance of early treatment whenever possible, for several reasons. Those with low back pain who received physical therapy early on saved $2,736 more in medical costs.

Boysen can also provide physical therapy for orthopedic issues, but her passion is in women’s health issues.”It is life changing, and that’s why it’s rewarding,” Boysen added.

Restore Physical Therapy is placing a strong emphasis on assisting new mothers going through difficult times. Some of these young women, who just experienced childbirth for the first time, are now suffering with extreme pain and want to get back to their normal lives of being active in their communities.

Boysen understands that issues that face these women and their families can be very difficult. She wants to ensure that every one of her patients knows her place is child-friendly, so mothers will not have to worry about setting up a babysitter or some kind of child care. The children can come along to the office for an appointment or a visit.

Along with helping out the community of women, Boysen wants to give back to the community in general. Restore Physical Therapy features a two-month display of different local artists, and when a painting or photo sells, 15% of the purchase price is donated to the organization Give Us 5, which helps Willamette Valley Cancer Survivors.

Kerry Boysen has 18 years of experience in women’s health physical therapy.

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