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Why You Should Help Your Neighbor After an Accident

You may have heard conflicting things about how to best help someone you only know casually after an accident and whether you should intervene. The truth is that there is no set way to behave after someone is involved in a serious accident, but many times, the injured person and their family do need a little extra help and are appreciative of whatever assistance you can offer. Here are some reasons why you should help your neighbors should they be involved in an accident on a motorcycle:

Motorcycle Accidents are More Common Than You May Realize

Motorcycle ownership is growing rapidly across the country, with the total number of motorcycles on the road in the US growing from just 4.2 million in 2002 up to 8.3 million in 2018. While riding a motorcycle can be a source of enjoyment and stress relief for many people, it can also open the rider up to the increased chance of being in an accident. These accidents can range in severity from broken bones to life-altering head trauma, making things much harder for not only the rider but their family and friends. Long-term recovery might include things like physical therapy, hospital stays, specialist visits, and medical tests. You can volunteer to drive these people to appointments, cook them a meal for the days they’ll be at the hospital all day, or run errands that are difficult for them to fit in.

Insurance Companies Can Try to Cheat Ordinary People

Even if your neighbor has insurance, there is no guarantee that they will receive what they are entitled to from the insurance company in terms of compensation after the accident. In fact, insurance adjusters are known to try to minimize how much they payout to victims to help the corporation hang on to as much money as possible. If your neighbor can’t be bothered dealing with the insurer on top of everything else, you can help them with the process of filing a claim, even if some time has gone by. Most of the time, motorcycle accident victims have up to three years from the date of the injury to file a claim and get some compensation for the property they’ve lost or reimbursement for medical bills. This money can help them pay off medical debt and get the equipment needed to make day-to-day living with an injury much easier.

Life With an Injury is Much Harder Than You May Realize

New life circumstances, like those that follow a serious motorcycle accident, can change the way a person moves around their home and the needs they have for a residence. In 2018, there were 840,000 new single-family homes built in the US. These new constructions can include accommodations for people with restricted mobility, such as lower counter heights and grab bars in the bathtub to make it easier to get in and out. For those who have to recover from an accident or live with the long-term effects of one in a regular home, daily tasks can be challenging. Simple tasks like reaching for items stored on a high shelf, getting bathed and dressed or cooking a meal on the stove take much longer for those with mobility issues.

Helping someone after a motorcycle accident isn’t just the neighborly thing to do, it can be a blessing and source of great satisfaction to you and your family to help them in a time of need. Down the road, you may need them to reciprocate and show you some kindness in return.

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