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What is she doing? Research says it’s media immersion.

No wonder our “consumer” Is distracted: 11 hours a day she’s with her media.

Nielsen, the measurement company, regularly reports on media usage.  Their most recent report again shows media usage up—almost 20 minutes a day since the last quarter to just over 11 hours a day.

If you thought your reader or viewer was distracted, this is surely part of the reason. It’s an ever more crowded space.

It’s worth noting that this measurement leaves out something that is very important to most of us—reading.  We read on our Kindles, Nooks or our library books.  We read magazines.  And we read devotionals.  But all of this is in competition one against the other for that precious commodity of time.

This report also doesn’t show how many of the media activities are being done simultaneously—watching TV while checking social media, for instance or listening to the radio while reading the news on the computer.

You can look over the full report here:

This report serves as a reminder that whatever we produce, for whatever medium, has a ready audience who is consuming a great deal of media.  It also reminds us we must touch a heart to cut through the distraction.


Jan Shober is a media analyst, blogger and Vice-president for Strategy for Finney Media, specializing in helping you create experiences that cause your audience to come back for more.

Jan began her media journey as a ten-year old with a neighborhood newspaper—and continued shadowing her love of words to work in radio. She spent time in South America working in international media and about twenty years with Focus on the Family first in creative for audio then in distributing media.

Her big reason for her work?  Her life mission to help more people grow in Jesus. See more about Jan’s journey at:




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