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The 3 Most Important Things You Will Gain by Attending a Christian Women’s Event

christian womens eventsChristian womens events connect ladies of faith from all corners of the country. Happening on a national and local level, these events are designed to unite and inspire the Christian women who are actively working in media. Whether you work in TV, radio, social media, journalism, film, or any other area of arts and entertainment, a conference is a place where you are welcome.

Wholly 84% of people say that they prefer in-person meetings and conferences are a great place to gather like-minded people in media. If you’ve never been to a Christian leadership conference or event, you are potentially missing out on some great opportunities! Here are three things you will gain when you attend a Christian womens event.

    1. New Ideas and Lessons
      : One of the greatest things you can gain from attending a Christian Leadership Conference is knowledge. When hundreds of minds join together to discuss ideas in a collaborative environment, there are countless discussions and thoughts being shared between peers. Each woman has a different story to tell; her individual experiences in the industry can provide incredible wisdom to others.Another great educational resource lies in the wonderful speakers that come to share their expertise. At many Christian womens events, a distinguished member of the Christian Speakers Bureau holds a discussion on a new idea or issue that is pervasive in the world of Christian media. They are happy to enlighten, educate, and inform the attendees of the conference through their words. Often times, the speaker opens the floor to questions at the end of her presentation. Take this opportunity to gain invaluable insight directly from an expert.


    1. Networking Opportunities
      Networking is an important practice in the world of business. By exchanging contact information, you are developing important business relationships with professional Christian women that can really benefit your career. In fact, a full 80% of jobs are found through networking! Even if you aren’t looking for a job, approximately 85% of people agree that the relationships you build with other women are stronger and more meaningful in-person.There’s no telling who you’ll meet at Christian womens events — perhaps you’ll encounter an influential figure who can really help you achieve your goals. Maybe you’ll meet a woman who will make the perfect business partner, or meet someone who’s services work collaboratively with yours to create something much greater.

      The Christian Women in Media Association has many professional partners that work with us to expand our reach to a global scale. Utilize your time at a conference to network with individuals from another Christian organization focused on the same values that are important to you.


  1. New Friends…and A Lot of Fun!
    All business aside, Christian Womens Events are undeniably fun! Not only are the conferences lively and fun-filled, you will make lifelong friendships rooted in a deep foundation of faith. It is so fulfilling to meet others who share your Christian values and beliefs.

See what events are happening soon in your area to become a part of an extraordinary experience!

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