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Support Woman Lawyers for Your Next Personal Injury Case

No one can afford to take an “It can’t happen to me attitude.” about motor vehicle accidents. Each year in the US, more than 5,891,000 motor vehicle accidents occur. Many of those accidents resulted in significant personal injuries and property damage.

Since every state requires each driver to purchase auto insurance that covers at least personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage, you probably think if an accident happens, you’re covered. Many individuals do not carry enough insurance though and some avoid carrying it at all. That leaves you injured with no way to cover your medical bills unless you hire the services of an attorney or use your tax refund to pay for everything. In 2017, the IRS issued 119,853,012 individual refunds, but who wants to have to spend that fun money on a hospital bill? The person at fault for the accident should pay for your injuries and property damage.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you could obtain a better result by hiring one of the rare female personal injury attorneys. Female attorneys with this specialty comprise only 21 percent of the total population of personal injury attorneys. They produce some of the best results, but they also prove easier to work with for many people, especially other women.

Why is that?

One of six situations has likely occurred if you need a personal injury attorney and each of them requires legal finesse and savvy to deal with it properly. Each situation also requires compassion and a supportive individual.

  • You incurred serious injuries in the accident, or your vehicle did, causing trauma either way.
  • You need to provide fault of the other driver or suspect negligence on their or their employer’s part.
  • The at-fault driver’s insurance offered a settlement that’s much too low.
  • Your incurred permanent, severe injuries.
  • A negligent government agency caused or contributed to the cause of the accident.
  • One of your vehicle’s passengers died from injuries incurred in the accident.

Each of these traumatic situations requires compassion. Your legal case will take time and during this time, you need a listening ear, an understanding individual, and a person willing to help you find volunteer assistance for essentials like getting to and from doctor’s appointments or finding a specialist. A female attorney and her staff tend to do those things more often than male lawyers.

Let’s talk in specifics though. A female attorney has the same education and passed the same bar exam as the male attorney. If you peered at two resumes side by side without their names or gender identifiers, you probably could not tell one lawyer from another. That means the reasons to hire a female attorney come down to soft skills that they develop better than men do. These include:

  1. Listening: Women better utilize active listening skills. They focus more on understanding what you say than composing their reaction to it.
  2. Better Understanding: This results in the female attorney better understanding your perspective. Although they write down the same facts as a male attorney, they would better comprehend the context of the situation. According to The University of California at Berkeley, while both genders begin life equally empathic, women better develop empathy.
  3. Better Negotiators: Women combine their listening and understanding skills with superior bartering skills that result in better-negotiated outcomes. Women develop better negotiation skills.
  4. More Favorable Decisions: Their soft skills set combined with their legal knowledge produces more favorable decisions for their clients.

Since the period just after a car accident can form one of the toughest in a person’s life, the question really becomes, why wouldn’t you hire a female attorney? A female lawyer possesses better soft skills and the same education as male attorneys, which can bring you a better case outcome.

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