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Storage Companies Team Up For Charity Auctions, Donate Proceeds To Child Shelters

The United States has over 50,000 storage facilities across the nation, and each one is filled with a plethora of goods. Many having been abandoned by their owners or left forgotten, their contents to be sold.

Which is exactly what storage company Stor-All had done, but instead of keeping the money, they decided to donate it to raise money for Austin’s House, an emergency shelter for children.

Stor-All has five facilities in Nevada, and it teamed up with Charity Storage to do this donation. They were looking to not only auction abandoned units but also fill a regular storage unit from donations of used and new items.

A whole 60% of the proceeds went to the Austin’s House charity, 10% to Kure-It Cancer Research, and the remaining funds were divided between the two storage companies to cover costs.

Kristy Olney, a Stor-All resident manager, stated that the idea came from a world storage expo that she had attended with her husband.

“The whole idea is that this organization takes advantage of the excessive amount of items that storage facilities produce with donations, left behind items to be collected and put in a special unit for an auction that benefits a local charity.”

The items that are being donated had been stored in a secure storage unit until they were auctioned off at the next available auction following the donation closure date. All of the Stor-All’s actions had been held online, says Olney. The website for the company is

The donation period for Stor-All, due to its online status, began on Tuesday, June 13 and ran until 11 am on June 20. The company expresses that it may consider doing something similar in the future, depending on the results of the auction.

Some items that had been allowed for donations included vehicles, furniture, tools, art, and office equipment.

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