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Singer Erica Campbell Praises Plus-Size Burlesque Model as ‘Awesome’

Frostine Shake, a model from Austin, TX, recently received praise from Grammy-winner Erica Campbell. Shake who has experience in photography, creative directing, and styling, is now changing the way that plus-sized models are accepted.

The model and burlesque performer encourages all women, no matter what, to be confident about themselves.

The Christian Post reports that Campbell released a Facebook post that praised Shake for her body and what she’s doing to revolutionize the modeling industry.

Campbell shared a link to a Celeb Feed article that labeled Shake a “plus-sized ballerina.” Campbell’s caption: “Awesome.”

Campbell herself received criticism after her Grammy nomination in 2014 for “A Little More Jesus,” when she posted a photo of herself on social media wearing a white dress. As a result, many fans took to Facebook and Twitter to express their disapproval of Campbell’s attire.

“I feel comfortable in my skin, I define my sexy,” Campbell said with Inside Edition. “I don’t let anybody tell me it has to look like A, B, or C. I refuse to be put in that box.”

That’s something Campbell feels she has in common with Shake, too.

Shake has come a long way from her teenage years, where she quit ballet after thinking her body wasn’t right for it. She now knows that’s not the case at all and uses her ballet knowledge and skill to shine in her art and photographs.

“You Glorify God by loving people, by caring for people, by being honest, by feeding the hungry, by telling people about His love and His light,” Campbell said. “You don’t inspire somebody with or without a dress.”

Plus size models aren’t just changing the way the fashion industry looks at women — it’s also changing the world of photography, too.

In an video by FS Stoppers, Sue Bryce shares her knowledge about photographing curvier models, and how the industry is changing for the better.

The modeling industry can now consist of normal people and with access to the highest-quality technology at our fingertips, the photography industry can also consist of everyday people. You don’t need an industrial photo system to take excellent pictures anymore. Even with a three-megapixel camera, we can produce higher-resolution photos than most computer monitors can even display.

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