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New York Church Raises Money to Send Audio BibleSticks to Overseas Military

Congregation members of the Village Lutheran Church in Bronxville, New York, recently came together to raise over $600 so that U.S. soldiers deployed overseas could have better access to Bible literature.

The funds raised were enough to purchase 25 Military BibleSticks, which are small, handheld devices that come pre-packaged with audio recordings of the New Testament and selected Psalms. According to the product’s website, the BibleSticks are “designed to military specifications for safe and discreet use in low-light conditions,” and are “only about the size of a pack of chewing gum.”

Each purchase of a BibleStick also comes with a 40-day Bible Listening Plan as well as a free New Testament or Kids’ Bible recording, so that service men and women away from home can listen in with their loved ones, even while they’re oceans apart. They’re also safer to use than cell phones or wireless devices, which can emit radiation 24 hours a day, even while they’re not in use.

“The congregation raised $625 for the Bible Stick project,” said Rev. Robert Hartwell, the senior pastor of Village Lutheran Church. “That means 25 service men or women will receive, at no cost to them, a copy of the Bible (New Testament and Psalms) on a convenient flash drive/mp3 player so they can listen to God’s Word wherever they are serving.”

With the 25 BibleSticks purchased, the congregation exceeded their initial goal of sponsoring 20 BibleStick purchases for service men and women around the world.

“Many of these soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines live in cramped quarters with other personnel, in very uncomfortable and challenging circumstances, working hard and putting in long hours every day — too tired to read a Bible, even if they have one,” reads the company’s mission statement. “The Military BibleStick reaches these service men and women, deployed in some of the most dangerous areas of the world, with God’s Word in audio — It can go with them and sustain them in even the most difficult circumstances.”

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