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New Program From Professional Organizer Helps to Declutter for the New Year

Did you know that the month of January was designated as “Get Organized” month by the National Association of Professional Organizers? According to, the NAPO says that people waste an average of an hour a day looking for misplaced items; this is the time to claim those valuable hours back.
In order to help others do so, a woman in New Jersey has come up with some great ways to stay organized for the New Year.
Jamie Novak, a professional organizer, shared her expert insight by creating a program dedicated to clearing out everyday clutter.
Next to “getting in shape” or “saving more money,” a popular New Year Resolution is to “become more organized.” Novak realizes that people often make these resolutions and have a difficult time following through, so she developed a presentation to remedy that issue.
Novak firmly believes that less clutter means less stress. In addition to added stress, a full 80% of people agree that unorganized clutter can deter productivity.
To alleviate the stress and decreased productivity that a disorganized mess can create, Novak developed a “Keep This, Toss That!” demonstration. She presented it in her home state of New Jersey earlier this week.
Novak gives between 90 to 100 presentations annually, with January being one of her busiest times. She has toured the country appearing on networks such as HGTV and QVC; she has also written for the “Martha Stewart Living” blog.
Some points she touched upon in the presentation include paring down items that people no longer have need for and tossing or donating those items. She suggests that people take a “realistic look” at their closets, bookshelves, and storage units to decide what you actually use or plan to use.
A key takeaway from Novak’s philosophy is this: you need structure to tackle the overflow of items in your home. She states, “It’s not about ‘the stuff.’ It’s about what happens when you decide what to do with ‘the stuff,'”
She has spent more than 25 years helping people and businesses get things in order. “I am still in touch with people I helped when I first started,” she says, “and I’ve heard how their lives have changed just by better organizing themselves.”
As the old adage goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness. By organizing your home and clearing out the unused object, Novak believes you will live a more stress-free and calm life.
The frenzied time spent trying to find your keys or wallet can be spent more meaningfully — whether it’s by pursuing a new hobby, being with loved ones or, most importantly, connecting with your faith.

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