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Muslim Woman Devotes Her Life to Help Christians Who Were Displaced by ISIS

A woman who is part of “The Vicar of Baghdad,” a popular charity relief aimed at helping Christians who were displaced by jihadist militant groups, is devoting her entire life to helping these families. The fact that might surprise a lot of people: she is Muslim.

According to Christian Post, Dr. Sarah Ahmed, an Iraqi dentist who has spent the last four years traveling all over the Middle Easy to bring clothing, medicine, food hygiene products and many more essentials to people who have lost their homes at the hands of ISIS.

Ahmed, who was born in Baghdad, went to the U.S. in 2010 and became a fully trained dentist. Professional dentists have discovered advanced ways of handling pediatric sedations, which are now performed more than 250,000 times a year. During Ahmed’s time in America, she met Canon Andrew White, the head of The Vicar of Baghdad, and they began conversing about their charity projects.

Ahmed, at the time, was working for a peacemaking initiative, “Because I Love Peace,” in an attempt to strengthen the relationship between the U.S. citizens and Iraqi citizens. After hearing her ideas, White offered Ahmed a role with his foundation, which she accepted.

“We are a all-Christian charity and everybody is a Christian,” said Ahmed. “He was thinking ‘What a place she would be in? She is not fit.’ Then he said that God said, ‘No, you know nothing. You have to have her. She has to come and work with you.”

When Ahmed first started working with the charity organization, she was volunteering at an Iraqi clinic. She has since worked her way all the way up to director of operations and White’s personal assistant. Ahmed stated that she never felt uncomfortable assisting Christian families as a Muslim woman, even when she had to live in the Baghdad church.

“It never crossed my mind,” Ahmed added. “I feel no difference. I work for the Christians, Yazidis, Jews, everybody else. For me, we are all equal.”

“We think and hear about Islamic terrorism all the time,” said White. “What about Islamic people working for the protection of Christians?”

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