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Meals on Wheels’ Oldest and Most Generous Volunteer: Murel Johnson

Murel Johnson has driven the same route for her local Meals on Wheels program for the past 16 years. She personally delivers all the nice, hot meals to senior residents and those with disabilities in her neighborhood. And she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Murel follows the same route every day, listening to six CD’s of classical tunes and smooth jazz she said came with the car when she purchased it in 2004. With 36% of people buying a car outright, it had to be nice to get a little extra bonus of good music thrown in.

When asked why she volunteers so much of her time, Murel is quoted as saying one of the greatest things she gets out of it is the people she meets.

“You make friends, you know. You get interested in people and their lives and how they’re doing,” she says.

It’s clear that there is no shortage of love and kindness coming from Murel Johnson, but some may find it amazing that a 93 year old woman has the fortitude and determination to do such a taxing job all the time. However, two studies from Ghent University show that volunteers were healthier than those who decided not to volunteer. Perhaps this is why Murel shows no signs of quitting in the near future.

Murel doesn’t participate just for the health benefits, though. She has volunteered for a better part of her life, only stopping when she had to take care of her ailing husband after he had a stroke. After he sadly passed away, Murel decided she needed to take up volunteering again. After a quick call to her local Meals on Wheels, she was set up and 16 years later, she is still at it. Murel remains an inspiration for all those who are considering giving back to their community.

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