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Infertile Couples Looking to Faith and Prayer for Assistance

Infertile couples searching for help are finding that faith might be the answer.

Infertility affects roughly one-sixth of all U.S. couples, with female infertility playing a role in half of all cases. On average, four out of five people in the U.S. are prescribed antibiotics each year, and some of these antibiotics can remove infections that can help female infertility. Taking hormones, medications, and other supplements can all improve ovulation, hormone imbalance, and enhance overall fertility.

According to Christian Today, if those remedies aren’t working, couples can resort to prayers and miraculous cures.

One of the more popular faith-based fertility remedies takes place in Italy, at the Miracle Chair of Naples, which many believe holds the key to fertility. The chair itself is just an armchair underneath an old blanket in a small flat in Naples, but thousands of hopeful women, from all over the world, visit the site every year.

Saint Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus leads each prayer for aspiring parents. Reuters reports that after each Mass, couples or individual women are guided up a steep staircase inside the flat where Saint Anna Maria Rosa Nicoletta Gallo spend half her life in chastity and suffering under her death, at the age of 76, in 1791.

“Our followers often send us an item of clothing asking us to intercede with the saint by placing their objects on the chair,” said Sister Elisia, a 65-year-old nun. “We have a lot of work to do. But the saint has a prayer for everyone.”

People from across the world continue to ask Saint Mary Frances for her help and prayer, and some enjoy more than just the miracle of childbirth.

“Some days ago a man came to us,” said Sister Maria Aurora. “He wanted a house, a job and children. We told him to be patient, but thanks to Saint Mary Frances, his prayers have been fulfilled.”

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