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Hot Tub Supplier Surprises Injured Army Veteran

A Utah Army veteran thought that he was just coming home to spend the rest of the night relaxing after spending time with his family. However, there was much more in store for him than just weeknight TV and his couch.

Jared Vivyan was greeted by the maple Mountain High Drumline, his friends and family, and a brand new hot tub. According to the Daily Herald, Vivyan applied for a hot tub a while back through Wish for Our Heroes. Wish for Our Heroes is a non-profit that benefits veterans and active duty military. He had applied so long ago that he had forgotten he had done so. So, when he arrived at his house to find the big surprise, he was completely shocked.

“I didn’t know I’d come home from work and there would be a hot tub there, and a cake,” he said. “It’s awesome. I just want to thank everyone that made it possible. It’s really a blessing and I’m honored to receive it.”

Vivyan’s Wife had known that her husband was going to be the recipient of a hot tub from Sundance Spas and Take a Break Spas and Billiards. While Vivyan was still in high school, he enlisted himself in the army as a part of their delayed entry program. In 2006, he left for basic training. Vivyan Served two deployments semicolon 18 months in Iraq and 15 months in Afghanistan. While he was in Afghanistan, his crew was hit with explosive devices that caused him head trauma, and back and shoulder injuries.

The injuries he sustained while in Afghanistan have left him with a lifetime full of struggles. He suffers from severe migraines, terrible back pain, and awful shoulder pain. Vivyan applying for a hot tub would help relax his body. A hot tub that is well constructed can last 18 years or longer, so he should be set to have the relief for a while.

Vivyan Will now get to spend his days coming home after work and taking a dip in his hot tub. He and his family are extremely grateful for the outpouring support the community has shown.

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