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Group Remodels Home for Low-Income Family

According to a Houzz survey, 60% of homeowners plan to remodel their master bathroom. However, for one Hazleton, Pennsylvania family, they needed more than just their master bedroom completely remodeled.

When Ashley LeGrande first saw her family’s home, she was mortified. LeGrande spoke with the Standard-Speaker about what she saw.

“There were holes in the wall. The ceiling was hanging on the floor. It was dirty,” LaGrande said. “But it had potential.”

Earlier in December, that potential LeGrande had hoped for was revealed. The Fuller Center for Housing volunteered to fix the house up for LeGrande and her family. The center fixes up homes for low-income families and does all of the work for a low cost. This allows the families to be able to pay for much-needed remodels that would normally be out of their financial reach. Like so many nonprofits, the group runs off of community and in-kind donations.

The family held a ceremony at their home to unveil the renovations. Dr. Robert Hynick, who lived next door in the attached home, attended the ceremony. He has lived in the home since he was younger and attended the ceremony with his wife, Sarah.

Hynick remembers enjoying his grandma’s cooking in that house. He also remembers how the stove that was once used to make bread went cold after his father was moved to a nursing home. Even though he lived out of town, he and his siblings still paid taxes on the home they loved but didn’t pay to have the heat turned back on.

The empty home had been broken into by thieves and copper pipes had been stolen. The garage began to decay, but Hynick refused to see the same thing happen to the actual home. He spoke with Anthony Sulkevich of the Fuller Center to fix it up.

LaGrande and her family helped to renovate both sides of the home and their mortgage now sits at $300 a month for ten years. This is less than half of what they were paying in their previous home. The family says they are very excited to now have a home of their own.

As for Hynick, he’s overjoyed that a loving family has moved into the family home.

“My mom and dad, God rest their souls, are smiling,” Hynick said.

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