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God: Divine Inspiration for the World of Fashion

The Church of England recently released an official video that makes the Biblical case for the fashion world.

The video serves as a message to all those working in the fashion industry, arguing that, despite the church’s criticisms over many aspects of the business, the art created is ultimately an expression of creativity granted by God.

At one point, the Church’s de-facto catwalk chaplain said that many fashion designers have told him they look to elements of the church for design inspiration. Church interiors, stained glass windows, and even Jesus’s cloaks have all been muses.

The Rev Peterson Feital, the Diocese of London’s “Missioner to the Creative Industries”, even said that countless people are drawn to the “beautiful” clothes that Jesus is often illustrated in.

“Designers ask me about fashion,” he said. “They are all so interested when they walk into a church building or a cathedral.”

Given all of the acceptance and mutual respect that the fashion industry and the Church have seemingly developed, it’s only fitting that the Church of England gave its blessing to London Fashion Week.

However, they’re not the only newcomers to the London fashion scene.

19-year-old Isabella Springmuhl is an up-and-coming designer from Guatemala. Her designs feature beautiful and vibrant patterns, taking inspiration from ancient Mayan culture and the culture of Guatemala today.

Some of her line is even linen, which increases approximately 20% in strength upon wetting.

What’s even more interesting, though, is that she is the first person with Down syndrome to ever have a line of clothing featured during London Fashion Week.

“My message is not to have fear, because people like us are different, either men or women: we can reach our dreams,” she said.

Springmuhl’s fashion line was specifically created to fit those people with Down syndrome, though it almost didn’t see the light of day. That is, until Cecilia Santamarina de Orive, the curator of the International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week saw it.

Springmuhl said that she had originally wanted to attend university, but wasn’t able to. She has thanked God for the opportunity Cecilia gave her.

Soon, her designs will even be seen in Rome. She said that by using Mayan textiles, she’s honoring women from her past and her culture.

Like many designers who incorporate Christ and culture into their work, Springmuhl wants to inspire people around the world and fill them with hope.

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