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Former Planned Parenthood Employee Comes Forward, Says Abortion is Part of the Business Model

In the United States, approximately 12 million individuals receive healthcare from more than 33,000 providers. Just one of these providers is Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing reproductive health services to those in need.

In an interview with The Christian Post earlier this month, a former clinic manager for Planned Parenthood revealed the organization offers services that are designed to make customers come back to the clinic for an abortion if they experience an unwanted pregnancy.

According to Abby Johnson, an pro-life activist and former Planned Parenthood clinic director, abortion is part of the clinic’s business model. If the clinics fail to meet set abortion quotas, directors do not receive promised monetary bonuses, and some employees are fired.

As reported in Christian Daily, Johnson stated, “If you don’t meet your quota, people get fired and you don’t get your big bonus. That lends itself to coercion and manipulation in clinics since there are monetary benefits by meeting that quota.”

She goes on to explain that every service offered at Planned Parenthood ties back to abortion. She believes that if the company wanted to end reduce abortion rates, they would not impose a strict quota for their facilities.

The Texas clinic that Johnson used to manage lost 5% of their workforce due to its inability to reach their quota after two months.

Johnson is now pro-life and runs an organization that encourages abortion clinic employees to leave the abortion industry called And Then There Were None. She has also published a book on the subject, including her memoir Unplanned, which deals with her decision to leave Planned Parenthood and begin her work with the pro-life movement.

Planned Parenthood has also been making national news with the House Republicans in Iowa voting to defund the organization. The proposal however, is not expect to be well supported in the Senate.

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