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Five Books to Shake up Your Thinking

Ben Franklin is quoted as saying, “Writing maketh an exact man.”  Which means that readers get the message, whatever it is, in the clearest form.  Perhaps that is one reason books can change thinking and leapfrog growth in an unparalleled manner.  And for those who find reading arduous, today you can obtain many books in audio form, and feel the same impetus.

I do love to read, and have found that some books rise to the top of the stack.  These are books I return to again and again, checking for a quote, or for a key thought, or to remind myself of the concepts. They are not all “Christian” books, but do have clear ideas contained between their covers that mesh with Christian thought.

Here’s five that have given me pause over the last couple of years.  Maybe they will do the same for you.  All are available at your favorite retailer.

One Thing, by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan, Bard Press.  The book opens with this provoking Russian saying: “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”  And that pretty much sums up the underlying premise of this book.

The Reason for God, Tim Keller, Penguin Books.  It’s by Tim Keller, need I say more?  This perennial best seller is a book to dip into regularly.  It’s a faith builder for our world, so full of faith stealers.

Habit, by Charles Duhigg, Random House. This book was my intro to Charles Duhigg and his mind-stretching material, in this case on habit and how it can help us daily.

Boundaries, by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. Zondervan.  This now classic book contains material that is new to many, and can help create more order in one’s life.

When, Daniel H. Pink, Random House. We often discuss the why and the how, but overlook the when.  This book digs into when from a number of angles.

Any one of these books would be a good place to start for a slow read, a read that is a chapter or a few pages a day.  As the weather cools down, these books will heat up your thinking.  So grab your spot in a cozy chair, and dig in.


Jan Shober is a media analyst, blogger and Vice-president for Strategy for Finney Media, specializing in helping you create experiences that cause your audience to come back for more.

Jan began her media journey as a ten-year old with a neighborhood newspaper—and continued shadowing her love of words to work in radio. She spent time in South America working in international media and about twenty years with Focus on the Family first in creative for audio then in distributing media.

Her big reason for her work?  Her life mission to help more people grow in Jesus. See more about Jan’s journey at: or on Instagram at nowcelebratetoday





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