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Family Goes Out For Dinner, 2-Year-Old Climbs Inside Claw Machine

Kids are hilarious. Sometimes their innocent thoughtlessness is worrying, but there are times when they get into something that you can’t help but chuckle about. This time, we mean literally get into something.

Environmentally, glass is 100% natural, making it an incredibly green option for innumerable applications. As adults, the glass windows of shop storefronts provide us a look into the material possessions that we could have if only we’d go into the store and spend some money. Children face the same behind-the-glass covetousness as adults, only on a different scale.

Arcade claw machines are one such glass barrier that kids of varying ages will spend all their parent-supplied tokens on trying to capture that thing trapped behind the glass. And that’s how claw machines are built. To fool kids into thinking that they can outsmart gravity, physics, and controls programmed against their uncoordinated hands. But, some kids are resourceful thinkers who can’t be bothered with glass ceilings or walls.

Half of all customers enter a business because of signage and the magnetic pull of the combined pizza restaurant and arcade drew in many families with children to have a few slices, hang out, and play some games. The Ingersoll family went out to eat at such a place and among the arcade games, there was a claw machine. Two-year-old Ezra really wanted something ensconced within the glass machine. We learned from Toy Story that the claw decides who will go and who will stay, but young Ezra sought to defy this.

“I had been checking on the kids every couple of minutes to make sure they were still playing nicely and all of a sudden, my daughter ran over to me and said Ezra was in the machine. It literally took him seconds,” Ezra’s mom, Kelsey Ingersoll reported.

Sure enough, upon further inspection, the two-year-old was on the inside of the claw machine looking out. Not your day-to-day restaurant emergency, Ingersoll asked if they had keys to the claw machine. The establishment did not. It’s common for establishments to lease those types of machines from gaming companies who rent and service them.

Thus, the next call was to emergency responders who showed up and were promptly able to take the machine apart, all of which is recorded on video that’s since gone viral. Ezra was allowed to keep the toy he was so extremely committed to retrieving. The child was, of course, totally uninjured and relaxed throughout the whole ordeal.

There’s nothing quite like having kids to exemplify the true meaning of dinner and a show.

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