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Christian Groups Helping Those in Need Through Thrift Shops

In 2015, total charity proceeds from the sale of thrift store items exceeded $2.5 million across the United States. There are two faith-based Christian groups that are doing their part to take advantage of the popularity of thrift shop donations and helping out those in need.

JC Thrift offers clothing, furniture, and other items. It also accepts donations to be used to give back to the community.

“Jesus Christ Thrift Store is a family owned business, based on Christian values,” said Chad Hickman, owner and operator of JC Thrift. “The idea behind this store is not for personal gain, but created to bless those in need.”

According to the Cluster, some items in the store are extremely affordable. T-shirts are being sold for as little as one dollar and nice dress shirts and dress pants sold for two dollars to three dollars a piece.

“We want to be a light for the downtown community and want to continue to serve and grow for many years to come,” Hickman added. “We want to thank all our customers who are a part of us growing and we look forward to the future ones.”

Another faith-based thrift store is focusing more on retailer training, according to Herald and Review.

God’s Shelter of Love is currently training employees of Blessingdales to ensure that each employee has the proper knowledge and training, not just for retail, but for helping people in in need.

“I’d been a cashier before, but I learned how to do more than run the register,” said Terri Jones, a 30-year-old employee. “I learned how to do displays and help people find what they’re looking for.”

The shop manager, Susan Bacon, said she plans on extending the hours of the shop once her new employees are fully trained.

“I’m really excited about having regular staff for the evening shifts,” said Bacon.

So far, nine of the 10 people who enrolled in the first eight-week session have successfully completed the course.

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