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95-Year-Old Veteran Man Gifted Free AC Unit And More By Concerned Police

The summer is shaping up to be a hot one in many parts of the nation, but for those living with air conditioning, things are rather comfortable. Of course, not everyone can afford a comfortable, air conditioned summer, something that two police officers recognized when they pitched in to buy one for an elderly mam.

The two officers protect and serve in Fort Worth, Texas, where the pair worked with a local Home Depot to pool their money together to buy an air conditioning unit for 95-year-old Julius Hatley.

Hatley lived with a broken AC unit, a hazard for homeowners who neglect (or can’t afford) the recommended two air conditioning inspections a year.

This June, Hately called his local 911 to report an emergency: his central air conditioning and window unit were both broken. Officers William Margolis and Christopher Weir arrived at the scene and discovered it was 90 degrees inside, despite it being only 8:30 a.m.

While a broken air conditioner is a major inconvenience for most homeowners, heat waves can be life threatening events for the elderly, infants, and those with health problems.

The two officers didn’t know how to fix the unit, so they went to the local Home Depot to get a new one. Several employees donated $150 to the cause, and the two officers returned to Hatley’s home to install the unit properly.

An improperly installed AC unit can lead to an increase of 30% in energy bills, and potentially a repeat of the incident if the new unit breaks.

Margolis was happy to share Hatley’s story with CBS News, stating, “He said he knew if he needed help to call 911, and they we were actually able to help him. He was really excited about it.”

When Weir’s wife shared the story on Facebook, a company came forward and said that they would gladly fix Hatley’s central air conditioning for free, while other Good Samaritans offered to replace his windows, paint his home, and even get his groceries every week.

Margolis stated that he plans to keep in touch with Hately, and the officer will make sure to stop in occasionally, too.

“He’s 95 years old and he’s a World War II veteran. He’s a hero. In our eyes, he’s our hero.”

This wasn’t the only story circulating the web about free air conditioning; a company in Illinois also gave away several of its units to those in need this summer.

Becky Law is one of the lucky individuals that will benefit from the company’s generosity this hot summer.

The company, Ameren Illinois, donated 50 window AC units to the East Central Illinois Community Action Agency, with the goal of helping income-qualified families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. The company told The News-Gazette they wanted to see these individuals’ homes safe and comfortable, and the 68-year-old Air Force Veteran was one of the lucky recipients.

“When they told me I was getting one, I actually got goosebumps,” said Law, who also shed a few tears.

Law suffers from COPD and emphysema, and the heat makes it difficult for her to breathe.

Marine Corps Veteran Edward April was also one of the lucky receivers of one of the units, and he also expressed his gratitude on behalf of him and his wife.

“This came right in time,” he said.

April said his wife, Lee, had suffered a stroke recently and only just returned from the hospital. He plans to install the unit in their bedroom to make her recovery more comfortable.

“I’m just so thankful,” he said. “It’s going to be a cooler day.”

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