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4 Ways to Update Your Church’s Tech for A Greater Impact

Contrary to what many may believe, churches all over the country are adopting new technology. In fact, 77.32% of churches use Twitter, while 98.97% of churches use Facebook.

Though some old-fashioned members of the congregation and some concerned parents might have worries about bringing in new tech to a church service, there are ways to incorporate modern media and devices to promote the mission of the church. Using social media, for example, can help bring in new members and help create an online community of support.

Thinking about updating your Sunday services, or bringing new tech activities to your fellowship and community? Consider these smart, tech savvy ideas for bringing your church new energy:

  1. Share Stories on Social Media
    While listening to speakers and having good conversations during service are both great ways to connect with followers, individual and church-wide stories can be even more effective. Sharing church stories and testimonials through online media accounts can help your message reach a larger audience, and it can remind the public that churches are still present and active in their hometown.
  2. Engage Youth with Tech Activities
    Kids, teens, and young adults are increasingly being taught to use technology in their day to day lives. Many kids cannot remember a time without smart phones and computers. Engage the next generation of believers by understanding their unique relationship with technology. Mike Sheley, a youth minister, cultivated a list of apps that youths can use on mobile devices to stay connected with God. For example, Bible apps like Scripture Typer and Bible Study by Olive Tree can help kids brush up on their scripture no matter where they are.
  3. Update Giving Practices
    With credit cards and mobile banking, fewer and fewer people seem to be relying on cash and checks. Set up an online giving account, try text to give, or use mobile apps like Venmo to create new channels for giving beyond the collection plate.
  4. Share Worship Playlists
    Another good method of updating church services is by using modern music applications. Share a worship playlist or two with interested members of the congregation using apps like Spotify so that followers can access their favorite hymns and songs whenever they need them.


By staying true to goals and beliefs, any church community can find ways to bring technology into its service. In fact, using technology might help your congregation get closer to God and to the surrounding community.

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