4 Key Benefits of Faith-Based Pre-K

Giving your child the best educational start in life starts with choosing their pre-school program carefully.

4 Key Benefits of Faith-Based Pre-K

Preschool can give your child the foundation they need to excel academically. A faith-based preschool is an excellent option for parents that want to ensure their beliefs and values at home are supported in school. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and stay close to your child in these settings and so much more. Here are four key benefits of a faith-based pre-k that you should consider when you are making choices about where your child will attend preschool.

Smaller Class Sizes Equals More Individualized Attention

About 87% of private education settings have less than 300 students enrolled. In faith-based preschool programs, the numbers are even lower. Smaller class sizes mean that your child gets the one-on-one time with their teacher that they deserve. It is important that when your child attends a preschool they get individualized attention, as preschoolers need to be nurtured. Smaller class size means that there is less competition for attention. It also creates a more harmonious learning environment where children can thrive and learn.

With smaller class sizes, teachers can be more attentive to the individual child’s needs. They can partner with parents to ensure the child is getting the best in care. About 40% of kids will develop cavities by the time they enter kindergarten. Often, dental problems and other health problems can be avoided when there are more adults taking notice of your child. Smaller class size means your child will be noticed and any concerns will be brought immediately to your attention.

A Strong Sense of Community

In a faith-based pre-school, parents, grandparents, and other family members are encouraged to volunteer at the school. Instead of school being a separate entity from home for the children, school becomes an extension of the home. Familiar volunteer faces at the school are comforting and help a child to understand that all the adults in their lives are on the same page.

A faith-based preschool supports not only the child but the whole family. Faith-based preschools encourage family members to volunteer at school events, so the child feels supported and understands that a school is a place that everyone in the family wants to be. Community is so important to a child in their developmental years.

Supporting Your Faith

Around 25% of learners in the United States attend a private school. About 78% of them attend a faith-based private school. Parents make the decision to send their children to faith-based education programs to ensure that their values and beliefs are supported outside of the home. Children spend a lot of time in school, so having your family’s religious beliefs reinforced in this environment is a foundation for balance.

Faith-based education helps your child stay on track with your personal belief system while being exposed to a curriculum in support of your faith. Public school education tends to avoid religious elements, which may develop into unrest and confusion for your child. While exposure to differing viewpoints is essential to growth and development, having a solid foundation is priceless.

Fully Prepared to Succeed

Faith-based pre-k programs prepare your child to succeed in academics and in life. By supporting your faith in school, school complements the things you are doing at home to raise a child with a strong faith system and a good set of values. Faith-based programs consider the whole child not just what they are doing academically. These programs help you to raise your child in faith while educating them to succeed. A key benefit is that you can be right there for their journey by offering volunteer services and getting involved.

Giving your child the best educational start in life starts with choosing their pre-school program carefully. Preschoolers are so impressionable, the decisions that you make today will affect how they feel about education, how well they do in their K-12 years, and how they live their faith. Take control of your child’s future by choosing the right pre-k setting for them. Learn more about all the advantages that a faith-based pre-school program can offer your child.

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