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21-Year-Old Tennis Player Naomi Osaka Learning to Cope With Her International Superstardom

According to the latest research by the Tennis Industry Association (ITA), participation in the sport increased roughly 1% to 17.9 million players. Most people, at least most Americans, could probably identify maybe four or five tennis players. Sports fans are probably aware of a few more players, around 15 or so. Tennis fans obviously know many more and likely have favorites and players they enjoy rooting against.

Though she’s only 21 years old, plenty of Americans know who Naomi Osaka is, who came to fame after beating arguably one of the most noticeable, iconic, and dominating athletes over the last century: Serena Williams. Sure Osaka might not be as famous as Williams or some other American sports stars in the U.S., but in Japan, her native country, she couldn’t even leave her home without being recognized.

According to Tennis World, fresh off her 2019 Australian open victory and still riding the momentum of beating Williams at the 2018 U.S. Open, Osaka had to wear sunglasses and a wig to disguise herself so she could simply spend time outdoors. Although people have been wearing sun-blocking eyewear for 2,000 years, celebrities using sunglasses as part of a disguise is certainly a more recent phenomenon. Polaroid shades where invented in 1936 and were designed to offer protection from the sun’s UV rays, but they provide some excellent privacy advantages, as well apparently.

“I didn’t really walk outside,” she said. “I just went in the car and stuff. Like, I wasn’t really walking around. When I did, I went at night and had a wig on.”

Every day, more than 3 million people around the world fly safely on commercial aircrafts. And there are 127 million people in Japan. The moment Osaka defeated Williams, whether she goes on an international flight to her next athletic destination or walks around the densely-populated island of Japan, her days of anonymity were over.

Despite her international fame, the 21-year-old number 1 ranked tennis player in the world remains humble:

I get that I’m tan and I would stand out a little bit in Japan,” she said. “I think the only way people would really care is if I’m wearing some sort of athletic gear, like, if I was walking around with my tennis racket.”

Though an international superstar athlete donning a pair of shades can surely boost a company’s profile and brand, there are plenty of other factors that go into the global tennis sunglasses market:

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Recently, after reaching the round of 16 in the Indian Wells Masters, Osaka was upset by 23rd ranked Swiss player, Belinda Bencic.

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