UNLOCKED Christian Women In Media 2022 International Conference General Sessions

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Tuesday, November 1

1:00pm – Advisory Board Meeting, Longhorn Boardroom

3:00pm – 7:00pm Registration-Check-In, Grand Concourse

4:00pm – Presidents Club Members Reception, President’s Suite

4:00pm – Dinner on Your Own

5:00pm – Connect Leaders Meeting, Stockyard Room

6:15pm – Welcome Reception, Niles City Courtyard
Gather with dynamic women from around the country. Make new friends and re-connect with those you know. Enjoy the outside atmosphere of the quaint courtyard and a hot chocolate bar will be featured for your refreshment.

7:00pm – Kick Off Session One, Niles City Ballroom

Rosalinda Rivera

Kezia Alford


CWIMA kicks off its first session in Cowtown, USA—Ft. Worth Texas—with a powerful lineup. Charisma Podcast Host, Rosalinda Rivera, provides the opening message. Rosalinda wants to help women thrive, change their lives, and to reach their dreams. Her message will set the stage for would could be a life-changing conference for many women. Recording Artist Kezia Alford will lead the worship. Kezia Alford. Kezia recently released two new singles, “Here with Us,” and “Source of All My Joy.” She has shared the stage with many gospel greats and is a television host for TBN’s community show, Joy In Our Town, seen in Metro Atlanta with over 46-million viewers.

Providing special music on Tuesday night is gifted CWIMA member, Country Singer, Cherilyn Johnson. Johnson’s recent recording, “Out of Darkness” is a country, western swing project presenting favorite hymns and original songs in a joyful and refreshing sound. Cherilyn is the Band and Worship Leader at the Lone Star Cowboy Church in Red Oak, Texas.

Providing an additional country flair will be award-winning Cowgirl Poet, Teresa Burleson, whose poems are inspired by her heritage and western way of life.

Cherilyn Johnston


Teresa Burleson


Wednesday, November 2

6:30am – 8:30am Complimentary Breakfast for Hotel Guest

Suellen Roberts

7:30am – 8:30am Prayer Gathering, Stockyard Room
Join us for a special time of prayer with Suellen Roberts and Katherine Legg as Flautist. This will be a time of worship and expression to the Lord with our prayers.

Katherine Legg

9:00am – General Session Two, Niles City Ballroom

Misty Phillip

Brooke Hempell



Interested in starting a podcast or growing your existing podcast? Spark Media’s Misty Phillip shares how to unlock your voice by harnessing the power of collaboration to launch and grow a podcast. Her message will demonstrate how to have global impact.

Also in General Session Two, former Barna Researcher, Brooke Hempell, shares insights on American’s beliefs and priorities that can create more fruitful connections in the workplace and our communities. How can we navigate conversations and relationships with integrity and grace? Can we seek to be reconcilers in a fractured world? What does it look like to live and work faithfully in this current moment? Hempell offers some answers to these questions.

The Worship Leader for Session Two is CWIMA Vice-President of Operations, Marina McLean. McLean is a keynote speaker, recording artist, songwriter, and award-winning author. She has released three worship albums: In the Glory, Synchronized, and Encounter with Worship. She has two books, the Christian Literary Award-Winning, Appetite for Worship and she was also a contributor to The Invitation.

General Session Two will also include a panel of media influencers, led by Senior VP of National Connections, Tracey Mitchell, who will share their secrets to success in the business.

Marina McLean

Tracey Mitchell


Jayne Carter


12:00pm – Honors Luncheon, Atico Roof Top
This is a special luncheon of music, fellowship and honoring the women who have served so diligently in Christian Women in Media Association. Enjoy the spectacular view from the roof top restaurant overlooking all of Fort Worth.

Music for the luncheon is presented by Jayne Carter, an award winning singer and songwriter. Her radio release “ They Call it Heaven” made #1 on the Power Source Christian Country Charts
and “Dusty Road” made #1 on the Christian music Weekly Country Charts. Among many awards, she has received Top 5 nominations for County Music “Female Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year and for New Artist of the year.

1:30pm – 2:40pm Media Seminars (choose from 3 seminars)

2:45pm – 4:00pm Media Seminars (choose from 3 seminars)

4:00pm – 6:00pm Free Time


Sheila Walsh

June Hunt

Annie Donnellon

Erica Lane

6:30pm – 9:00pm
Platinum Awards Ceremony & Banquet, Niles City Ballroom

Join us for the UNLOCKED Closing Banquet where we will honor longtime Broadcaster, Speaker and Author, Sheila Walsh with the “Excellence in Communications” Award. Walsh, from Scotland, is an author, Bible teacher and television host of Life Today, reaching a potential 100 million daily. She is also an international recording artist with a new single out, It is Well, with Sir Cliff Richard. Walsh’s books have sold over 5.5 million copies. They include It’s Okay Not to Be Okay and her new book, Holding on When You Want to Let Go. Shelia will be accepting the honor by video.

Opening the ceremony will be author, speaker, and founder of Hope For The Heart, June Hunt. Her lifework has yielded landmark contributions in the field of Christian counseling.
Hope For The Heart, which she founded in 1986 is a
worldwide biblical counseling ministry that offers biblical hope and practical help – through biblical counsel, coaching and context for contemporary concerns – in more than 60 countries on 6 continents.

Providing special music is Annie Donnellon. Besides Annie Donnellon’s work as a musician, she is also a stand-up comic. Annie sings in a number of styles—from opera and sacred music to musical theatre and jazz standards. She released an album, A Sacred Collection, in 2019.

At the banquet there will also be a celebration of Christian Women in Media’s twenty-year anniversary. In addition, there will be a special announcement made concerning CWIMA’s future plans.

The Banquet Worship Artist is internationally known music artist, Erica Lane. A former Miss Houston and Top 10 United States Miss World, Lane has toured the United States, and abroad, and has performed at events with such notables as Jon Voight, George Lopez, Candace Cameron Bure and Chonda Pierce. Two of Erica’s singles have climbed the Billboard Charts, Wake in 2017 and Lord of the Dance by Le Sorelle in 2019. With an interest in entrepreneurship, Erica has recently obtained her Master of Arts in Executive Leadership from Liberty University. Lane’s music has been featured in nearly a dozen film and television soundtracks.

So you won’t want to miss the CWIMA UNLOCKED Conference’s culminating banquet!

Please buy Banquet ticket and reserve their seat, Nov. 2 @ 6:30pm



Charlotte Canion
Author, Speaker, Actress
Radio Host and Mentor


Communication Etiquette the Way God Intended

Communication is the key to a good or a bad relationship. We spend 70% of our waking hours in communication with others. God intended for us to be respectful of one-another. Are we? As a society we interact with people all day long, but are we using the proper body language? “It’s not as much what you say that counts, it is what you don’t say.” God gave us two ears and one mouth, let us all dive into the pool of respecting one another through our communication habits and maybe change a few.

Social Media

Dayna Lovelady
Social Media Director for CWIMA
Minister, Intercessor, Writer, Technology Expert,
Designer, Musician, and Biblical Scholar

God Inspired Social Media Strategy

Do you need to create a God-inspired social media strategy that fits your media calling? If so,
this social media session is for you. There is a lot of noise on social media, but you can bring a
voice of clarity amid the chaos.
In this session, you will learn how to:
1. Define why you want to be on social media.
2. Define your target audience on social media.
3. Create a social media strategy and posting schedule.
4. Engage with your audience.

Television Production

Zondra Evans
CEO Owner
Zondra TV Channel

Your Digital Footprint Matters…

Are you interested in being on TV? Better yet, have you considered an affordable TV Commercial? Now, you can promote your business on TV and reach millions of prospective customers and clients! I will share the importance of establishing your Digital Strategy for your business and how to develop a compelling brand through the power of streaming television and increase the odds of reaching mass audiences. In this session, I will explain how to develop a global message and strategy to get your message out locally and internationally, and how to showcase your business, increase your visibility – and develop new/untapped revenue streams.


Terri Podlenski
Brand Impact

Get Noticed by Design…Not by Chance!

UNLOCK Your Potential For Influence

As a Christian woman in media, God has given you a platform that influences culture in some way and you work hard to spread your message and build your following. So how are you standing out to the people you most want to serve? When they land on your website, consume your content, hear you speak or have a conversation with you, do they feel like you’re exactly who they’ve been looking for?
If not, you have a marketing problem because you have a branding problem. It’s time to package and position your expertise with clarity, confidence, conviction, and credibility. When done properly, it’s a total game-changer! Marketing is simpler, easier, and way more fun and effective.

Media Research

Brooke Hempell
Pinkston SVP of Research at Pinkston
Former SVP at Barna Group

Reconcilers in a Divisive Culture

Our public discourse is divided and increasingly hostile, and fractures exist not only in our society but also inside our churches.  How can we navigate conversations and relationships with integrity and grace?  Can we seek to be reconcilers in a fractured world?  What does it look like to live and work faithfully in this current moment?  Researcher Brooke Hempell shares insights on Americans’ beliefs and priorities that can inform more fruitful connections in the workplace and our communities.


Mary Hollingsworth
Best-selling Author

Unlocking 10 Secrets to Surviving and Succeeding as a Christian Author


Writing and publishing a book is one of life’s great adventures. It’s exciting, right? It’s fun, right? But it’s daunting and scary, right? Like all authors, whether a first-timer or a seasoned one, you probably have many questions about the complicated and confusing road to publication. The Internet is saturated with so-called “publishing experts,” but their advice is often conflicting and wrong. What you need is someone who has successfully traveled the publishing path many times, someone who has worked in the publishing industry for many years, someone with the right answers to your questions. Well, good news!
In this class veteran author and publisher Mary Hollingsworth will provide keys for unlocking 10 secrets to first surviving and then succeeding as a Christian author in today’s publishing environment. Join her for entertaining and informative insights into such issues as these: Which publishing path is right for me? What about copyrights and contracts? What do literary agents do, and how are they paid? Where does the money go in book publishing anyway? What are the best ways to market my book? And several others.
This class can help save your book’s life . . . and your own sanity. It can help reduce your frustration and fulfill your dream. You’ll be so glad you came.

Thursday, November 3

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