Southeast Asia


Broadcasting 24/7
Languages: Urdu, Nepali and Tagalog, Thai, Bengali
Program Length: 25 minutes


These programs will reach out to women in Southeast Asia living under oppressive misogynistic societies. The programs are hosted by women in their respective countries who have experienced the “Hope and Healing” of Jesus.

Coming from around the world are personal inspirational stories of hope and healing to warm hearts and bring hope to the hurting. Women viewers can also watch film clips, music videos and much more to restore dignity and keep hope alive!

Many girls live in slavery in their own villages and cities without a flicker of hope. Slavery is destroying the lives of many women and girls. Female genital mutilation is widespread in many countries and slavery and honor killings are becoming more accepted throughout the world. When women receive hope and are changed societies are also changed.

Our Mission:
We desire to give women access to our programs to view on a mobile phone in the privacy of their homes. As soon as we acquire the funds we will have the capacity to produce in ten languages with national hosts for each language. People are naturally drawn to which is familiar to them, their culture. Our programs recognize the cultural differences and celebrate the diversity. Our director has produced television programs for eight years in Asia, reaching 70 countries and over 70 million people.

Please click on the link below to learn more about these programs and an opportunity to be involved so we can bring these new programs to hopeless women. Let’s get more of these programs on the air!!